Thursday, November 4, 2010

November's Delicious Pupsicle(s) of the Month!

OMG, puppies!!!  It's time once again to take a little break from jewelry, in order to introduce my Delicious Pupsicle of the Month.  To see all past and current Pupsicles, click on that link up above.

This time I just have to feature two critters.  See, I had Stitch all picked out as November's poster boy - but then met Albert and fell in love with him and with his story.  So here goes.

Meet Stitch.

He is a young, happy-go-lucky Mini-Pin-Chihuahua mix.  He's been hanging around with us for a while now, and that's just wrong!  Here's the thing: he looks like kind of a tough guy, with a little barrel chested macho stance...but it's a complete fake-out!  He is a kissy, cuddly darling.  I have it straight from Dawn, who runs the Fur Baby shelter - Stitch is not an Alpha dog of any kind.  He never gets into a tiff, never causes her a care, never gets in trouble even when there's peer pressure to hang out on street corners and smoke Kools.  He loves all creatures great and small, and wants to occupy your lap forever.

I have seen him reach out again and again with a little paw to all the kids at our adoption events. A fantastic family dog who will fit right into your life.  He's got plenty of energy if you're a fast-paced household, yet he's super mellow and chill, and would be just as happy with a slower lifestyle.

I love this guy so, so much!  Come and get him!

Meet Albert.

Oh, man, this is a sweet pup.  A long-haired dachshund!  Look, is he not cuter than cute?

A couple of weeks ago, Albert and his best friend (another doxie) were relinquished to us by a veteran who needed to move to a retirement care facility, and could not bring his dogs.  The other dog was adopted right away.  And now here is Albert, without a home, missing his owner and best friend, and ready to come into your life like a little hairy wienershnitzel of love.

He's probably 8 or 9 years old, which I guess technically means he's 'senior.'  But a small breed like this has a good long lifespan, 15 years or so.  He's in the prime of his life.  He's so peaceful and sweet-natured and sad.  You need him!  And he really needs you.

As part of my Pupsicle Action Plan, I will contribute $75 toward the adoption fee of any Pupsicle of the Month.  Yay!

And here's something new: if you live anywhere in California, Nevada or Arizona, I will bring the pup right to your door, provided you can get a long-distance approval from Fur Baby.  Yay again!

Visit the website, to see more pictures.  Contact me anytime about any of the critters you see.

It would be the coolest if you, my sweet readers, could send this to anyone you know who might be considering adopting.  Stitch, Albert, all creatures great and small and I would be eternally grateful.


  1. It is so great that you do this Michelle....OMG, I'm smiling with tears in my eyes reading about that "little hairy wienershnitzel of love"

    and Sticth?! I can't believe people aren't fighting over him in the streets!

    How I wish I could have a dog. I hope they find their families real soon :)

  2. Melting my heart! These two are scrumptious. I wish I could bring them home :(

  3. beautiful thing you are doing!
    All our dogs we have had over 27 years of marriage have been rescued! They make the best pets when you give them a second chance.

  4. What a great thing you are doing!! It is so hard to see those little fellows that have so much potential to be family friends and lap lovers. :-) Good luck to you in venture...I'll spread the word to the people in Cali I know!!

  5. oh michelle those pups are both sweet... poor little Albert! goodness, what a sad story... i wish you the best of luck in your search to find them both homes! GO MICHELLE!!!!!

  6. Albert is the sweetest little bug I can imagine! Is England not right next door to Arizona?

  7. oh, what sweet pups! we adopted our cat, so i am definitely an advocate for that. and what a fun bracelet you made!

    thanks so much for stopping by, and for your sweet comment on my harvest decor. you know what i meant about the belly dancing, right? totally looked like that material to me!

  8. Please deliver them both to Miami, pronto. I'll have wine waiting.

  9. Hi, just read your post about the cutest homeless pups!! The pictures made me smile. We have a grown son who left the nest and got replaced with three rescued fur children, and they are the best! Pet-less people will never realize how much mutual love they are missing out on. Kudos to you for your work in helping to find homes for these sweet creatures.