Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guess the Mystery Thing! Pastel chandeliers.

Huzzah!  Once again it's time for our popular giveaway game, "Guess the Mystery Thing and Win Because Everybody Knows Someone Who Loves Chandelier Earrings and It's Getting Close to Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and If You are Clever Enough to Guess the Mystery Thing That's One Gift All Taken Care of and By the Way There is Always a Random Winner so Even if You Don't Have a Clue You Should Guess Anyway!"

Guess the Mystery Thing for short.

Check out these fun pastel chandeliers:

What are those long skinny beads?

As you can see, they come in several colors and lengths.  This is kind of an easy one, so no clue this time

The first person to guess correctly WINS her choice!  Then I'll pick a winner for MOST CREATIVE GUESS, so make me laugh and you could win!  And as always, a RANDOM WINNER will score one, too.

The rules:

1. Open to anyone, anywhere.

2. To enter, just leave your guess as a comment below.  Important: if I can get to your e-mail in one click from an online profile, great!  But if not, you must include your e-mail address.  Don't forget!

3. If I manage to stump everyone, you will each owe me: a Mint Milano cookie OR one pet-related item from the Dollar Store, which you will purchase and donate to your local underfunded pet rescue organization!

Okay, shoppers!  Ready...set...

Guess the Mystery Thing!



  1. Electrical wire insulation tubing? That's my guess!

  2. These are beautiful! I think they're drinking straws. Cool idea: if they're not drinking straws, let's make them with drinking straws! Especially cute for Christmas with the red and white stripy ones and maybe some tiny wee gold bells? Hehe.

    themagicsquarefoundation [at] hotmail [dot] com

  3. They look like the straws used for the Super Elastic Bubble Plastic. I think that's the official name. I had to look it up.

  4. Are these lollipop sticks?I don't know if you have things called lollipops in your part of the world.I mean those candy thingies with plastic handles/stick that kids love.
    Gosh,I clearly suck at explaining!

  5. Bendy Wax Sticks :)



  6. ok, had to catch myself, no more guessing as I've already won twice in the last little while
    but..... if I was guessing I would say sticks from a pick up sticks game, but I'm not guessing.... :)

  7. It looks like a Capri Sun straw to me but I don't know that they come in all of those colors.

  8. If they weren't so tiny I'd say one of those swim noodles. But they sure are pretty - love the turquoise and the pink as well!! If I don't win I might have to try to recreate these :) Just tell me what the secret ingredient is :)

  9. Swizzle straws?

    Something tells me if I win, it'll be a random drawing.

  10. anji is definitely right! it's the plastic around electrical wire! that was my guess before i even saw what she wrote michelle, i swear.... WHY ANJI WHY!!!!

  11. No I'd go with electrical tape insulation too!
    I love these guessing games! You're so creative!
    Thanks for linking
    have a fab weeek!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  12. I think they are birthday candles.

  13. My money is on electrical wire....but since that's already up here, I'm going to guess noodles. Painted noodles. Yeah, that's the ticket!

    Love these earrings though. Really nifty!

  14. How about coffee stirrers! Of course, you'd have to check out all the shops to get the right colors, collect them and get a cup of java at the same time!!! FUN!

    Love the earrings. Hope I win! My sister would love them.

    Anne in NC - ajp2020@charter.net

  15. I agree with Anji and Michelle P. And I totally thought it before I saw their guesses too.

  16. My first thought was birthday candles; my second thought was pick up sticks cut up; and then I thought maybe those jelly bracelets the kids wear. Love your blog. You're so clever with your creative ideas.

  17. I'm guessing that you've played a trick on us this time - those ARE beads! You simply went to the store and bought a set of pastel colord tube beads in various lengths! And now we're all busy scratching our heads, trying to figure out what crazy thing you used this time! (-;

    Very cute by the way!

  18. Not taking part in the draw this time as Mich has already been incredibly generous to me- did I mention I love this woman? But if I was to guess, I'd go for wire insulation.
    I want those chandeliers! :D

  19. I saw that stuff on the Discovery Channel! It's that super-strong extra-stretchy human-size synthetic spider silk, right?

    Now how did you get a hold of that, Mich? You clever girl. ;-)

    (Okay but really? I'll bet it's not even just the insulation around the wire. I'll bet she just stripped the ends of the cord, exposing the wire, then used the wire to create loops for attaching.)

  20. Ok I think it's those cheapy plastic Q-tips, yknow the generic kind? not the real ones. you can even get them at the dollar store in all different colors.

  21. I think for sure it is electrial wire insulation tubing! Too cute.

  22. Hey Michelle, they look like foam hair roller to me,but they are too small, but that's my guess. Haha..Well was just dropping by to say hi, when I saw the mystery quiz..Had to guess.
    Junkdog from Texas says, Hi.

  23. Oh and my email is ebwatson@gmail.com. Thought I'd logged in with the right profile, but I didn't.

  24. very fun! small tubing of some kind... Not sure what. Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

  25. Ok, where do we find the answer? lol