Sunday, October 3, 2010

Zip-ties part IV: best of the rest.

Just wanted to wrap up this zip-tie series with a few more designs.  I hope you have had fun, I sure have!  (To see the rest, go here, here and here.)  Okay, let's see the final four that made the cut.

A two-tone leaf.  Just join two zip-ties front-to-back, and snip off one of the tails.

Not sure what to call these next ones, but they are cute little critters.  The ends are joined with a deeliebob called a coil end, available anyplace that has jewelry findings.

A knot!  These were a happy accident and I can't quite explain how I did them.  I know it involves a fourth dimension...good luck.

There were a few permutations...gulp.

By the way, time is an illusion and the Eloi are real.

A chain bracelet.  Just link your basic leaves.  On each end, include half the clasp as you zip the leaf closed.

Okay, let me stop now.  Thanks for continuing to come back, my loved, appreciated and really, really, really good-looking readers!  Even when I kind of go too far.  I promise, my next idea will not involve anything made of plastic.

Erm.  I might be lying.


  1. Love the knotty stuff- whimsical!
    Hry, what's that in the background of the last picture?

  2. The knots are my favourite by far! But I love all the designs. Great series!

  3. great series Michelle! Love the white knotty bangles! Looking forward to see what's next on the agenda!

  4. I will never look at zip ties the same again. You did a wonderful job with this series!

  5. now i have to go by i really like the braclets that looks easy enough to do. great work M =]

  6. Your work is totally inspired. I love your upcycled take on things!!! You make the simplest things beautiful and stylish. Love it!!

  7. Well you're just zipping along!

    Yeah. I know. I'm sorry.

    The red and white knots are my favorite. I may have to tell Savannah they're impossible to make. That way I'll have a pair in no time.

  8. pretty unique! i like that. are they recycled zip locks?

  9. Just beautiful! I like the straight deelibob ones the best (the ones you don't know what to call!)

    Thanks so much for linking these to A Round Tuit!

    Have a lovely week!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  10. Great job in making them look like jewelry! Do you know in most major cities they now use these instead of handcuffs for the innocent until proven guilty? Your crafts make me want to hang around outside of the police station looking for freebies.

  11. sooo creative! love it! thx for the sweet comment on my blog im now a follower of ur blog! really cool stuff on here! ;)

  12. Loving all your zip tie earrings & other cool experimental supplies!