Thursday, October 7, 2010

The mystery solved! The winners revealed!

Last time, I posted some Mystery Jewels and invited readers to guess what they're made of.  Here they are again:

Whee, so many hilarious guesses!  I'm totally excited that you entered and got into the spirit of the thing.  The good news - someone guessed right.  (In fact, I believe three people got it.)  Time to reveal the weirdo answer.


Really ready?



A massaging gel shoe insert from the dollar store.  Congratulations to the winner: Aunt Peaches!  Whooo!  Lady, you get first choice among the three necklaces or these earrings:

Aren't they funny?  They remind me of curled up caterpillars, or some kind of strange organic crystal.

I promised a second winner for most creative guess.  OMG, this was hard.  Two of you tickled me so much I am awarding you both:  Periwinkle Dzyns, who said I think it's a chair mat for a fairie's office, so her chair wheels don't get all caught up in her pink shag carpet.  And Elly who said it's a space age rubber sieve from the planet Zargon, that you happened to find in...yes, a dollar store!

Finally, congrats to the random winner selected by my mom: Christy-Southern Sassy Girl.

I will email you all shortly for mailing instructions.

Wow, that was fun!  We shall do it again soon!

Now for the real question: is anyone disturbed by the thought of shoe insert jewelry?  If you won but are all "Ew, feet!" and don't want it now you know the truth, let me know and I will substitute something less, um, foot-related.

I bet that won't happen, though.  I love you people!  Some of you are weirder than I am.  Either that, or the world needs jewelry made from a rubber soap holder and a bath mat.  Hmm....


  1. Congrats to the winners!! As usual, I was way off base. Ha! Will have to tell my daughter she should have entered, she was exactly right on with her answer.(showed it to her after I'd posted) Great fun, though! You are very creative! Have a great weekend!

  2. I told you I couldn't wait to see how wrong I was and was I ever! I love the idea of it being a chair mat for a faerie's office!

  3. How cool! I would never have guessed this right ^^ And another round like this would be fun! :)

  4. The fact that it's a shoe insole is absolutely hilarious to me! You should make this a regular feature, and grab the weirdest stuff you can from Dollar Tree Land to try to stump us all. :o) Can't believe how off I was with my guess, but this was sooo much fun!

  5. A shoe insole! What? I don't even! Where do you come up with this stuff???

  6. Insole jewelry doesn't bother me at all!
    And the fairies that live in my studio suggested my guess ;)

  7. I started reading this post and thought 'I WAS RIGHT' and then 'Oh I didn't win' and then 'Hot damn I've got some freaky foot gel plastic jewellery thing coming through! Very exciting. I definitely agree with Christy when she says it should be a regular feature: love it!

  8. That is way too funny. I don't think I would ever have guessed that - now I am waiting for something from the soap holder category!!

  9. WOW! This is genius!! Just as long as they aren't used footwear??, I'm OK.


  10. I KNEW IT!!!!! hahahaha, and I NEVER win anything! I am so excited!!!!

  11. After seeing this, I dub thee the Jewelry MacGyver of the dollar store.

    Looking forward to the next mystery post.

  12. Okay. It all makes sense now! Right. Why didn't I think of that? Oh. I know why. Cause it's crazy that's why. But I love it! The crazier the better as far as I'm concerned!

  13. I'd like to take a tour around your brain sometime, lady. The way you see things....yeesh!! I don't know how you do it. :-)

  14. I love those earrings...I might just have to get me some of those shoe inserts. Who needs comfortable feet when you can have earrings. Thanks for the fun contest.

  15. I couldn't even come up with a remote guess so I just waited to see what it was! Very fun game! I'll try to bring my thinking cap next time!