Friday, October 22, 2010

The mystery solved, the winners announced!

Well!  I really thought I could stump you when I posted these Mystery Jewels:

I was convinced their origin would remain a mystery...for at least a couple of guesses.

Wow, was I wrong!  The very first guess was correct.  Congratulations to the winner...darn it, Jennifer!  How did you know?

Yep.  Aquarium plants.

Aren't they groovy?  How could I not make jewelry out of those?

The prize for creativity goes to Rachel B., who said: FISH TACKLE!!! The spinning things, and the fake gummy things, that are attached to fish hooks. And the lucky guesser chosen by my high-tech cutting-edge randomizing program (my mom picked a number) is SheezKrafty.  Hooray to the winners!  I will e-mail you soon.

Huge kudos to everyone who guessed.  You guys pretty much cleaned my clock this time!  I hang my head, abashed and impressed.  Y'all are very clever.  I comfort myself with the fact that no one said glow-in-the-dark.

Just you wait, though.  I'll stump you next time, smarty-pantses!!!  So help me I will.


  1. Yay!! I'm so excited....I've cleaned enough fish tanks to know what these were. Thank you!

  2. yeah congrats to the winners. so smart!

  3. I can't believe someone figured this out!

  4. Are you serious?! I won the last contest and I wouldn't have guessed aquarium plants in a million years?!

    Speaking of the last contest...wore your necklace last week and received several compliments :) It was too much fun telling them it came from a dollar store shoe insole, haha!!!