Thursday, September 16, 2010

Serendipitous punk.

No, it's not the name of a band - although it should be!  It's what happened as I was clearing off my cluttered work table yesterday.  Check these out:

I was almost finished tidying, when I noticed these four items sort of grouped together in a mini montage.  Still life with safety pin and chains.

I was carried away by a brief creative session, and made these little punk earrings.  They please me.

I like the fact they are small and feminine, but with a spicy punk edge.  Tutorial, anyone?  This one is not for the faint of heart, but it is super fun.  You will need round-nose pliers and a strong wire cutter.

Don't use your nice jewelry wire cutters; find something big and tough.  The first step will be to snip the tiniest bit off the end of the pin:

See?  All you are doing is removing the point.  Before you do it, though, listen up, this is important.  This de-pointing of safety pins is kind of gnarly.  So wear safety glasses.  I mean it.

What's that?  Honey, I don't care if they're ugly.  You're wearing them.  If you need to embellish them with ribbons and pearls first, I understand.

So once your point is snipped, grab the end of the pin in your pliers:

With all your might, turn a teeny loop.  It's not easy - safety pins are made of ultra-hardened  Kryptonite.  Here's the before and after.

Attach a little piece of chain between the teeny loop and the rounded end of the safety pin.  You can use jump rings, or just open and close the end links of the chain, as I did here:

Add another little chain hanging down, then attach your earwire to the other end of the safety pin.

If you're not familiar with attaching an earwire, this photo might help:

I hope you can see how the loop is twisted sideways, not pulled straight out.  Once you add the safety pin, twist the loop back into place to close.  That's it!  You can wear it single, or make a second earring if that's how you roll.

Your little punk earrings are done.

You could also change them up with extra dangles and mixed metals...

Cute, eh?  I guess my favorite is still the original, though.  Serendipity is hard to beat.

Sorry if I was kind of mean about the safety glasses.  I yell because I care.


  1. Loved the sticky notes!! And the flowered up safety glasses! Thanks for the great tutorial!


  2. Mich, I like it :) My favorite is the dangliest of them (the ones with the longer chains). I loved your comments about the glasses :)
    I like how we bloggers always tell people not to kill or maim themselves while imitating our crafts but I wonder if anyone ever use them, I sure don't no matter how motherly you are telling me to do so :) Ok, if it's a life or death situation I might but in the case you mentioned above I would have been doing without (I'm confessing ahead of time so you won't be angry with me for losing an eye) :) Take care!

  3. Brava! I love love LOVE these earrings! Thanks for yelling about the safety glasses. I couldn't imagine the pain involved w/the point getting lodged in the eye. OUCH!

  4. I love them. Like chips. With chili and cheese on top. But what really cracked me up were the goggles. ROFL!!!
    As a teenager, I wore safety pins in my ears. Kinda came in handy :)

  5. I AGREE--that is a great name for a band.
    I DOUBLE AGREE --goggles are so much cuter with pearls and a bow!

    These are too cute :) The really appeal to my inner, angry teenager.

  6. You are too funny, too creative, and I will NEVER look at safety glasses the same way again!

  7. These are awesome! I have to make a pair of my own. I do like your first pair better but the others have their charm as well.

  8. very punky earrings there! reminds me of high school. you scared me a little with the glasses thing but i've recovered nicely. it's all good. :)

  9. I am pretty sure I am going to rip on these and make some of my own. BTW I need to do a better job wearing eye protection...thanks for the warning/reminder.

  10. These are so cool! And you've inspired me to dress up my safety glasses! A gal's gotta look elegant while she's protecting her eyes from pointy flying wire!

  11. Freaking. LOVE. them. So clever! Also, I LOL'd at the dressed-up safety glasses!

  12. AWESOME! I think I might have to make some...

    And buy some safety glasses :)

  13. Your creations amaze me. You just never know where the inspiration will come from. This is fantastic, so cute and original:-)

  14. Una idea fantástica!!! Muy original y un rresultado precioso!! Qué gran imaginación!!

  15. WOW! that's really all there is to say!

  16. You are way too talented and funny!!! PJ Taylor

  17. I love your humor and creativity

  18. I just came across the picture of your earrings on Pinterest. The tutorial was very informative, but the humor in the post really made my morning!