Saturday, August 21, 2010

A weirdly specific plastic flower.

You guys may think I'm weird to post this.  It's just a very, very tiny thing, but I found it so interesting I had to share.  What do you think of this sparkly plastic flower?

There are so many ways to make a flower from a plastic bottle.  I have seen a hundred versions, but I don't think I've seen this.  It requires this specific bottle (or its twin):

Why?  Because it seems to be made of several layers, which can be peeled apart.  (Maybe there are lots of bottles that do the same thing, this is the one I have found so far.)

So cut the bottom off the bottle.  Peel one inner layer up toward the center, like this:

Peel until the whole inner circle is lifted.  And you end up with this!

A cool crystalline flower, all in one piece.

Now it is ready to embellish.  The sky is the limit...I mostly experimented with beads, but all you clever peeps will surely come up with many ideas of your own.

Fun, fun, fun!  I plan to use them for lots of things; I'll show you one in my next post.  Here's a little peek:

One more tidbit today - a new update from our ongoing craft challenge known as The Envelopes of Doom. What better thing to emerge from such an envelope than a Halloween craft?  Look what Cece made!

I love this, don't you?  Click here to jump over and read her bootiful tutorial.


  1. Thanks for stopping over Michelle! I appreciate your comments(I can't sew either!). I think these flowers are very neat, and I didn't know that the layers of the bottle peeled away, glad I learned something interesting today :) Thanks!

  2. layers of plastic...hmm i didn't know that either and a flower in one piece that is neat....i don't know why but I want to plant like a seedling in there.

  3. That is an interesting spin on the plastic flower.

  4. So that's what that weird string is for! I keep looking at my bunch of it with no ideas, but that pillow is perfect! And now I have to go peel apart my recycling. How cool would a plant be in that! Nice idea Neccie! Might have to use that one to grow my lavender.

  5. The flowers look like those fairy- like jellyfish, weird and wonderful. How cool!
    Hopped over to the pillow post and left some love there, too. I still haven't used my yarn, I love it so much I dont want to waste it!

  6. Seriously a fab find!! sooo creative! Thank you for linking it up at Frou Frou Decor and I hope you come back each week and join in the fun!! Have a great day!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  7. WOw! this is so beautiful...........