Friday, July 9, 2010

When earrings stray.

Just a little thing to post today; this is probably something many of you have done. But just in case it hasn't occurred to you...

Get a second life from a nice earring you just can't bear to discard, after its mate has wandered off.

Here are a couple of silver earrings
that have been sitting in my jewelry box for ages. Single, lonely and sad.

They're the type with a soldered earwire attached.

Now I'm going to turn them into delicate little pendants.

Here goes!
Two ways to do it. The first is the most professional and secure, using a wrapped loop.

Those are the basic steps...sorry, I found it tricky to take process photos without having a third hand. For a step-by-step tutorial and fancy video demo from Fire Mountain Gems, click here.

If the earring has an extra little grabber-hook like this, you will need to clip it off:

Snip! If the clipped-off part is rough, smooth it with some sandpaper. There! First mini-pendant done!

Now here's a simpler method which doesn't use a true wrapped loop, but works great. Just swirl the earwire into a double closed circle.

The double circle is so easy-peasy, and makes a fine bail for hanging your pendant. Here, this shot is a leetle more in focus:

Now just match to a chain or cord, and you have a dainty necklace!

That's it, just a little idea. Mini tutorial, mini pendants. Sad and lonely single earrings no more, you can now take them out on the town and buy them a drink.


  1. I'd like to get the turquoise one a few to get it drunk and make it come home with me! *drool*

  2. No..this has never occurred to me!! I'm glad you shared this idea.

    ROFL @lisbonlioness! I don't know if it's that kind of necklace. ;)

  3. I particularly like the green one...

  4. *smacks hand to forehead*
    I knew I was saving all those earrings for a reason!
    Also, I've finally gotten around to posting my first gift in the Doom challenge:

  5. I have some earings that have no match to...I always put them away saying I would find them, but I probally won't. This is a good idea because I am really into necklaces now. To cute M.

  6. Great idea. I never thought to turn them into a pendant!! Easy tutorial too.
    Stopping over from Weekend Wrap up and following you.
    I'm having my first giveaway, would love if you could stop over sometime.


  7. Oh that's smart! thanks for posting this- I have a couple of earrings sitting around too, which sure could use some tlc.