Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Update of Dooooom.

No, the sky is not falling. My readers and I are merely playing a crafting game called Envelopes of Doom (click right here to read the original challenge, or click on the category to see all the projects so far). Two more craftestants have made cool & crafty gifts, from some weird supplies I sent them.

Have you ever visited a blog called Crafty Smurfette? It is now a brand new blog with a brand new name. Check out Dill Pickle Picnic. Cece has gotten into the Doomification with this A-DOR-ABLE dog collar project.

So beautiful! And her great tutorial is a lesson in strategic construction - this fleur will withstand the rompings of even the most active puppy.

Over at A Crafter's Crafter, The Shanghai Cowgirl is a quilter with a thing for hexagons. She used fabric hexagons - plus beads and a ribbon from her E. of D. - to make a little girl's tiara. You can see her funny 'big reveal' post here.

So creative, you guys! So far, no one has been defeated by her Envelope of Doom. Anyone else have something to show?


  1. Linking to the flower dog collar & you in this weekend's post at DSC. :)

  2. Thanks for the blog name change promo, and look forward to showing off more "doomification". ;)