Sunday, June 20, 2010

Learn from her madness.

Ooh! The first project from the Crazy Crafty Wicked Cool Envelope of Doom challenge has arrived in my in-box, and I'm so excited. If you recall, I sent envelopes filled with insanely mismatched craft supplies to a group of intrepid artistes. They all pledged to (somehow!) forge three gift items out of the chaos, and show them off to us all.

The cute and fabulous Neccie G. of Neccie's Creations is pretty much the embodiment of this challenge. She is all about making stuff from found objects, for little or no money. She is also really funny, and writes her blog in a hilarious stream-of-consciousness style. My favorite quote from her post: "Learn from my madness." I shall, Neccie. I shall!

I love what she made. I especially love how her mind didn't pigeonhole anything she had to work with. Check this out:

Who would think she could take some girly supplies like glass beads and a flowery framed bunny rabbit print...and create a custom piece of macho wall art for her dad? That is so inspiring to me!

Her dad loves hunting, and that was her starting point. She took a turkey spur he had drilled, strung it on a cord with beads, and framed it as a keepsake, along with a sweet father's day note incorporating his favorite hunting motto.

As we all know, coming up with handmade gifts for guys can be really hard. That's why I'm so pleased with her idea to make framed memento art. This is one I am so going to use! Take something meaningful from your guy's life and feature it creatively. He will love it.

Yay, Neccie! She sets a high standard. Come on, the rest of you - let's see what you've got!

And happy Father's Day, to all the dads and grandpas in my life, and in yours.


  1. I love the outcome considering what she started with. She is quite the creative thinker! Now I really can't wait for the envelope of doom to arrive!

  2. Awww I am featured on your blog. Thank you for the nice words. I can't believe I am featured on my favorite blog. I am so glad to have inspired someone I think there work is better than my own. I didn't realize I make something macho out of such girlie things. I just did what I love....Crafty!!

  3. Wonderful! I bet Neccie's father loved his gift!

  4. I CANNOT wait for the doom to arrive!
    Great job, Neccie!