Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Her personal hell: an Envelope of Doom update.

A new creation from Steff across the pond in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Her first project was so charming. Her second, so pretty and chic! Her third...well...

The way she tells it, it was
completely traumatic. In her package of challenge supplies (one of the notorious Envelopes of Doom), I included two unused, worthless Starbucks cards. She fired back a couple of emails, the gist being, "Why, Michelle? Why meee?" Oh, how she stressed over what to do with them! And then inspiration struck. She went crazy crafty. And created...

It's a portable tic-tac-toe game. What a clever, wild outcome from the starting point of a credit card! I love the crisp black and white graphic look of it. I especially love her genius idea for the X's and O's -

She painted thrift store beads with more black and white graphics, for custom game pieces. Such detail work! I'm inspired. Check out her funny (and anguished) tutorial right here. And learn the ultimate fate of The Starbucks Cards of Doom.

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