Monday, May 31, 2010

Wrapped up in string: no-sew fabric earrings.

Here is another project inspired by my trip to Spain. I spotted something really charming in - of all places! - the gift shop of the world's oldest bullfighting ring. I know: bee-zarre!

The bullring in Ronda, Andalusia is a pretty fascinating place. No, I was not there attending a bullfight - just taking a peaceful tour thorough the museum and absorbing some history. (Although I respect other people's right to like bullfighting, I cannot like it myself).

Anyway - the gift shop. Sorry about the blurry photo, it's the only one I was able to snap. They had these earrings:

I just think they're so cool. I didn't want to copy them exactly, but hope you like this tutorial for my simplified take on them. You will need:

A bitty fabric square, an ugly bead, complementary thread. And some findings: an earwire, a headpin and a little chain.

Assemble the findings as shown, and wrap your fabric around the bead, like so:

Wrap thread around the gathered fabric, and tie it off.

You are done!

The red ones feature a Japanese wrapping cloth, from Tokyo and my lovely sis-in-law. The green/gold ones are from a dollar store Xmas table runner. With those, I used fabric circles instead of squares,
for a less spiky ruffle.

I like how the translucent fabric looks - very playful and fairylike. I'm also thinking I want to try a colorful bead inside some tulle - wouldn't that be cute?

Here's a different method, which doesn't use chain, and has an embellishment on the bottom. I took these ingredients:

Poked the headpin through the center of the fabric. Then wrapped it and tied it as before.

See how the headpin and spacer turn into a decorative element? Then add your earwire, and voila!

The original earrings had some bling-y rhinestones on top. I added a small measure of bling to these green/beige ones, using a crystal bead...

On those I also trimmed the ruffle down closer to the wrapped thread, and used heavier fabric. Makes for a whole different look.

Okay, I know you all have a million fabric remnants by you. Try a little wrapping and see what you come up with!


  1. They are so adorable! Simple but so unique. I just started experimenting with fabric jewelry making and I'm headed right now to try this one! Thanks for posting it!

  2. This is so cute, I check your archives under the recent article and so happy to see this, such pretty and easy too :)