Thursday, May 6, 2010

A necklace. Kinda shmancy.

So. We meet again. Remember these, from my last project?

Just a quick post today to show you something new I made with them.

I put together a long, swirly wirework necklace, hoping to make something that looked a bit shmancy. Something that wouldn't scream "paper clips!" the minute you saw it. Here's how it turned out:

(click on photo to see it bigger)

I like the gold enamel beads in harmony with the wires. I think it looks rich and fun.

I plan to try this with some other beads, too - it's the kind of project that will become a completely different animal, just by changing the style of bead.

F'r instance, I might try it out with some of these, perhaps...

Hmm. Food for thought, food for thought.

By the way, the gal for whom I made this Frog Queen necklace knows who she is, right, Luanne?

Nobody tell her it's made of six paperclips and five beads, and cost less than 3 dollars! :)


  1. Luanne, I saw it first- surrender the frogs to me! (with those cute ladybirds from the other day...)
    This reminds me of St Patricks, good job froggies are green. Love the project!

  2. Wow I never would have guessed the necklace and earrings were made of paper clips! Great work.

  3. Ha! Your secret is safe with me! Lovely necklace and you are right--it does look rich! Never would have thought it was made of paperclips!

  4. What a great necklace...I love it. This is my first visit to your site but I'lllll Beeee BACKKKK