Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nine! Convertible hatbands.

Hi! This is project 9 of 10. For first time visitors, please see previous posts on the SuperSecret Stashbust challenge - a really fun project initiated by Heather M. from the amazing blog Dollar Store Crafts.

Today I have grabbed three items from the challenge stash: a thin strip of folded fabric, a cute linen flower and some novelty yarn:

Let's see what I did with 'em! First, I embellished two pieces of the fabric strip with a little bit of yarn, using basic white glue.

I used fabric paint to color some of the yarn robin's egg blue for a different look.

When dry, they ended up like this:

I embellished a third length of fabric with the linen flower, using my legendary "just barely manages to sew on a button" needlework skills.

Finally, I added a simple velcro closure to each piece.

I happened to have some of the glue-on kind, but you could use any kind of closure you prefer - snaps, hook-and-eye, sew-on or self-adhesive velcro.

So what have I made?

Here is my white cowgirl hat, regular.

Here is my white cowgirl hat, SuperSecret StashBusted!

My favorite thing about this simple project is the velcro idea: the ability to change out hatbands. It's's a true blank-slate project you can take in any direction...

And it's especially great if you have a big head and can hardly ever find a hat that fits! Yes, I am talking about my big-head self.

Who needs three hats? Who needs ten hats? All I need is one, infinitely convertible.

Yee haw!

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