Friday, April 9, 2010

First post. Yay.

Hi! Until today, I have never posted ANYTHING online. (Yes, I know. I am a bit of a dinosaur.) But this afternoon I was selected to participate in a deeply serious yet super silly thing:

The Manila-Envelope-of-Random-Junk creative challenge!

Heather from the wonderful blog has sent me a manila envelope full of random junk. The concept of the challenge is using things you have (versus buying anything new) to craft something artistic, useful or interesting. So I have whipped up this insta-blog (huh! - that was way easy, actually), and I shall now challenge myself to create...something.

And post it here soon.


  1. I hope that when you have emptied that envelope you still share your creations. They are pretty cool, hip things that look pretty darn cool. Thanks for sharing!--Suzanne

  2. I'm glad you created this blog. I've really enjoyed seeing the fun things you made with your manila envelope of wonder. Adding you to my Google Reader now...


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