Saturday, April 10, 2010

Armed and fabulous.

This morning, I had the following conversation with my mom.

Me: Guess what? I have a blog.
Mom: (with happy excitement) You do? Oh, honey, that's incredible! I'm so proud of you!
Me: Um, mom? Do you know what a blog is?
Mom: (even happier) No!!!

So here's another thing I thought I would show you...

Do you recognize the funky re-purposed thingies in these twiney bracelets? These pieces are made with glass beads, twisted wire and - yep - those little plastic discs that shoot out of toy ray guns. (Get it? Armed and fabulous? Yeesh.  Sorry.) I guess I'm not sure who would wear them but me - but I kind of love them.


  1. as a fellow offspring of said Mom, i can verify that the above conversation most definitely took place.

    btw... big fan, love your work.....

  2. lol Nice one, Mom! :D Love your new blog already, your stuff is amazing. About time I kicksart my blog, you make it look easy!