Okay, here's an organizing and storage idea that (I hope) will make you smile.

I rescued a huge bag of unwanted, old-fashioned plastic hair rollers, and have been working out ways to use them.

As one with naturally curly locks, I knew I'd have to repurpose the dickens out of them.  After giving them a bleach-and-water bath, I started playing around with ideas.  My previous post showed how I turned them into some offbeat jewelry:

As well as a sweet little Christmas ornament.

All very well, but I still had fifty rollers to use up.  Here is the answer: these cylindrical darlings will organize your life!  Simply stuff some rollers into various upcycled containers and WHEE!  Storage for all kinds of things!  Look inside this cut-down milk bottle:

Add paint brushes...

Ready to play a round of Guess The Mystery Thing?  See if you can guess what I used to make these open-structured little pendants:

Here's another version, done up as a flower:

The Mystery Things are the curvy coral-pink shapes.  What are those mysterious items?  Something you've seen before?  Something you have never met in your entire life?  Or something from another dimension in time and space?  Hmmmm...I wonder how many of you will get this one.

You know the rules.

Hi!  I wonder...how do you like the effect of these ruffles on my vintage thrift shop chandelier?

The 'Before' looked a little naked:

So, instead of buying mini-shades, I tried a very Mich upcycle:

Am I nuts - or is this actually really pretty?  Doesn't it sort of go with that flared crystal centerpiece?  I feel as if it enhances the vintage-ness of the chandy.

As you have guessed, 'tis another project in my ongoing quest to recycle the Sbux cups that accumulate in my life.

Hi, lovely people!  Today I have a small finding idea to share.  Check out the filigreed fun:

During a play date with some random jewelry findings, I found two filigrees which, aligned a certain way, fit each other precisely.  Added jump rings and ear wires to create these mixed-metal pretties:

Quite nice!  Simple and classy.  I wanted to keep going, mix things up.  But as I stared at the silver filigrees, I wished they weren't so dang shiny.  I am not a huge fan of metal with no patina.

Hiya!  Have a look at this necklace...doesn't it have a bit of a Victorian feel to it?  But with a mod kind of twist, thanks to the distinctly non-Victorian fused glass cabochon focal.

I thought you guys might enjoy seeing where this concept came from.  I took a class on fused glass cabochon making, and here's some of what I created.

So yummy.  There's just something about glass.

Hi, guys!  Here's a cute little furniture upcycle to try.  A starry, starry side table, made from an old unwanted drawer.

The backstory: I saved a bunch of naked vintage drawers from the demolished kitchen of my old adobe fixer-upper.

I've been daydreaming for a year about ways to use them, and these little side tables are the first project I've actually completed.

My favorite thing about them is the reverse-stencil effect, which shows some of the natural wood.

Hey, hey, hey!  I have a little tiny craft for you guys.  It's my first ever attempt at something miniature, and it's a cutie.  Beaded flower pots!

Sorry, I forgot to put something in the picture for scale - the littlest one is only an inch tall.  Each 'vase' is just an extra-large bead.  I'm always so excited to find a use for random honking big beads that are too bulky, ugly or weirdo for jewelry.

This is the latest in a series using upcycled Starbucks cups.

Here is my latest upcycled jewelry idea, featuring a flower in a little nest of green leaves:

If you've popped in recently, you've seen some of my efforts to upcycle every part of the nefarious Starbucks cup. 

So far I've turned them into awesome jewelry storage, cool beaded earrings, some wild chandy earrings, and some big floofy  flowers.

Today, the super easy DIY for another way to use those green plastic straws!

Create several short lengths of straw with diagonal cuts on both ends.

Today, a fun tutorial for you.  Please to peep these itty bitty earrings, which are just an inch long:

Cute, no?  Here's a yellow pair.

The flowers are pressed glass; the stems are your basic seed beads.  Now for the cool upcycled bit: those darling tiny leaves.  Yep, you may have already guessed.

Oooh, check out this eerie phenomenon...

A wall of jewelry, displayed on invisible necks!

How'd I do it?  I think you're gonna love this.  It's a crazy easy eco-craft project, starting with some plastic cups (not easily recyclable) that were destined for the trash.

The DIY takes about 30 seconds.  Half a minute, people!  Just think how quickly you could fill up a wall with phantom throats.

Here's all you do.  A couple of inches from the rim, trim nearly all the way around.