It's the most wonderful time of the year: that month when you can buy jingle bells at the dollar store!  (Okay, you can buy them other places too.  So I'm told.)

Why is this wonderful?  Well, duh, they make everything more jingly.  But even more significantly -

You can turn them into flower buds.

They are awfully fun to use in crafting.  Delightful for jewelry...

I love to use them in home decor projects (more about that in another post), and for cute flower gifts like these key rings.

If you try, bet you'll come up with all kinds of cool things to use them for.

The DIY is easy - you can probably figure it out without a tutorial.  But I have a neat little trick to show you, so bear with me all the way to the end - you might decide to do it my way.  Ready?  Here we go.

What do you get when you combine an off-the-shelf bracelet kit, a miniature silicone flamingo and a not-very-mysterious Mystery Thing?

Can anyone guess the Mystery Thing?  It's the little silver flower bud in the center:

Gosh, I know it's a tricky one...okay, not so much.  Have you figured it out?  Get ready to scroll down for the answer.





Keep scrollin'...





And here's the reveal!

Yes indeed, it's a jingle bell!

I bet you guessed it.

Today I thought I'd do a basic earring tutorial featuring a type of bead I adore: the chevron.

They are always exciting to me...even more so when randomly assorted.  Who needs matching beads, anyway?  I made some happily mixed-up earrings to prove my point.

Don't they look good enough to eat?

The original inspiration for the earrings came from this necklace - I made it years ago and have always loved the dynamics of all the different colors and sizes.

Look - a teeny tiny cross-body purse!

I've never been accused of being trendy (trust me on this).  But little bitty mini bags - one of my absolute favorite accessories - are suddenly madly fashionable, showing up on runways and stores in every style you could dream up.

Here is a super quick upcycled version - make it in about ten minutes and wear it out on the town.

The upcycled element: an old eyeglass case.

I always have a multitude of these, as my husband gets new glasses every year.

Hi there!  Today, a little light fixture makeover that made a big difference in my room.

This project is kinda fun in that there are two 'before' versions.  Here's the story.

In my rustic Tuscon adobe house, there's a natural-log loft above the living room.  The two fixtures under there were not right at all!  But I wasn't sure what I wanted, so for years there they hung, looking like Cutesy and Kitsch (two of the lesser-known Dwarfs).


See what I mean?  Meh.

Hi again!  While I'm on the subject of recycled denim jewelry (see last week's post with roses made from blue jeans), I thought I'd show you an updated version of a different style of blue jean pendant.

Today's necklace is madly simple to make, hand-painted, and eco-fabulous.

Just paint and then Sharpie on a scrap of denim.  Like this...

And you end up with...cuteness!

There's a hidden bail in the back, made of felt.

Hello, my friends!  Today I have a fun and flowery upcycled jewelry idea to show you.  Denim rose pendants!

The unique thing about these roses: a secret metal structure underneath, that keeps the petals from drooping.  Just like an underwire bra!

Not that any of us know anything about underwire, no.  No droopy petals here.  We are all naturally perky.   But I digress.


My rose has four graduated circles as the main petals.

Once, long ago, I made some teeny little silver house ornaments, using recycled cardboard.  These new ones are a bit bigger, with a fresh technique and several different uses.  And...antiqued!

They can still be used as ornaments, but they are also fun turned into fridge magnets...

...or greeting cards...

...or standing up anywhere: your mantel, a side table, even the kids' room, hee hee.

They are eco friendly and so fun to make.

Hi, guys!  A little post with a little baby onesie.  I thought I'd show it off because I have a bit of a mental block.  See, I am convinced I am utterly terrible at free-hand painting!  But whenever I let go of that and just allow myself to daub, I often end up very happy - not only with the result, but proud of having made the effort.

If you might feel the same way about tackling a decorative painting project (or any project, really), maybe this will inspire you to go for it.

Ain't nothin' but a hound dog...

...with a flower on her collar!

I  experienced a fashion emergency this week: a trip to Vegas was approaching, and because Matilda always gets so much attention when she walks through a casino, I decided to add a pretty accessory to enhance her star quality.

I made the cute collar flower from two waiting-to-be-repurposed items I had been saving for just such an occasion.  (Both from the dollar store.