Here is my latest upcycled jewelry idea, featuring a flower in a little nest of green leaves:

If you've popped in recently, you've seen some of my efforts to upcycle every part of the nefarious Starbucks cup. 

So far I've turned them into awesome jewelry storage, cool beaded earrings, some wild chandy earrings, and some big floofy  flowers.

Today, the super easy DIY for another way to use those green plastic straws!

Create several short lengths of straw with diagonal cuts on both ends.

Poke holes through the centers with a pin.

On a long headpin, thread a flower bead and the straw segments.

Now add a bunch of little green seed beads.  Cinch everything up nice and tight - this will squish the straws flat so they look more leafy.

Today, a fun tutorial for you.  Please to peep these itty bitty earrings, which are just an inch long:

Cute, no?  Here's a yellow pair.

The flowers are pressed glass; the stems are your basic seed beads.  Now for the cool upcycled bit: those darling tiny leaves.  Yep, you may have already guessed.

Oooh, check out this eerie phenomenon...

A wall of jewelry, displayed on invisible necks!

How'd I do it?  I think you're gonna love this.  It's a crazy easy eco-craft project, starting with some plastic cups (not easily recyclable) that were destined for the trash.

The DIY takes about 30 seconds.  Half a minute, people!  Just think how quickly you could fill up a wall with phantom throats.

Here's all you do.  A couple of inches from the rim, trim nearly all the way around.

Today I made this delightful bloom:

From the lids of these plastic cups:

Want to DIY?  The only ingredients you will need are one plastic cup, four cup lids and scissors.  Here goes!

Trim three of the lids in graduated sizes, like so:

Flip the lids inside out.  They rumple beautifully!  When nested, they become the body of the flower.

Hi!  Today, a new challenge for you lovely fans of Guess The Mystery Thing.  Wanna play?  Take a gander at this cute pair of earrings.

Can you identify the mysterious secret ingredient, i.e. the long, swoopy green-and-white jobbies? 

We're playing on the honor system, so no peeking yet.  What are those stripey things?  Have your guess firmly seated in your brainpan before you scroll down for the reveal.

Brainpan set?  Okay, let's do this!




Hint: it's not from the dollar store.

This is my new favorite project.  A flower vase completely upcycled from trash, featuring a built-in collar of springy tendrils.  Please to check it out!

The tendrils are not only decorative - they also serve as a kind of flower frog.  They cluster together to help your flower stems stay where you put 'em.  Here they are in closeup:

What's it made of, you ask?  An empty plastic milk bottle.  That's right, it went from this:

To this!

Here, my dears, is the very interesting DIY.

Hello again!  Let's play another round of my crafty guessing game, Guess The Mystery Thing.  Challenging you, I am!  Who can identify the original source from which I built this here cute little candlestick?

What is that mysterious white stuff?  Think you know?  No peeking until you have a guess.  Then scroll on down to see the reveal.

Ready?  Scroll away!




A little further...




I'm thinking a lot of people might get this one - but I have been wrong before.

Hi, all!  Question.  Do you like the look of a full and fancy beaded fringe necklace?  Here's one I did recently:

With hanging chain, suede mini tassels, and beads, of course.  This is one of my favorite necklace styles - but they are time consuming!  Allll those bits and pieces to attach - ugh.  Plus the painstakingly boring counting of links to make sure everything's even.

What if I told you I only spent 15 minutes on it?

Here's my sneaky little hack.

Oh, look, you guys!  I found the prettiest, teensiest, vintage copper molds!

They were absolutely meant to be pendants, don't you agree?  And the DIY is as simple as pie.  (Not the kind you make from scratch.  The kind you snatch outta the freezer, pop in the oven and eat standing around the kitchen counter, with one fork per person and no plates or even napkins.  That kind of simple pie.)

Just use pliers to lift the little tab holding the ring.  Be gentle so as not to dent the copper.

Hi, guys!  Here's a tutorial for something a bit different.  Something utterly practical, simple and good.

What is it?  Why, a fancy water bottle strap.  One you can customize with any beads to suit your taste.  Look:

Perfect for walks in the forest, strolls in the city, fashion-forward day hikes, lost weekends at Comic Con.  Here's one modeled by my impossibly cute friend Jane.

A stellar handmade gift for those hard-to-bead-for people!  Also a terrific way to use up some of your beady stash.